A wild, rainy night and an injured tiger quoll bring together a passionate environmentalist and an unlikely Good Samaritan. What will be compromised in the quest to save the quoll?

Nothing is black and white in this intriguing story about love, sex, money and power.

'Extinction' delves deep into the heart of our own morals, choices and tightly-held convictions, wrapping an important conservation message around a unique and personal human story.

And as it's a Hannie Rayson play, expect to hear some funny, cutting lines too!

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ALL ARE WELCOME (experienced or first time actors), Came along and read

There are plenty of roles to be filled with 11 main characters; 5 females, 6 males... As well as Actors, Kevin requires a Producer and a Stage Manager, these are vital engine-room positions driving the show and help and advice is available from experienced Rondo crew.


This drama was written by Australian writer Stephen Sewell, but is set in New York after 9/11 and in the BUSH era.  Our hero, Talbot, is an expatriate Aussie Lecturer at a New York University who cannot restrain his criticism of the repressive actions by America in response to the War on Terror.  He publicly denigrates US anti-terrorism laws, every chance he gets .... in his lectures, at dinner parties… His free speech is finally pounced upon by the CIA with a heavy pistol whipping scene thrown in.

Mysteriously, the CIA operative appears only to Talbot .... is he real or imaginary ?? – as he returns again and again to taunt and destroy Talbot’s life.  The play develops as a high energy drama, finally leading to Talbot’s torture and disappearance.

NOTE FOR AUDTIONS: The director will audition as normal voice - which is more relaxed - but there will be an advantage if you can read American parts with an accent, so they will do some tests of your American accents.



Talbot - our hero is an Aussie Lecturer at a New York University - 30 to 40

Eve - Talbot's wife is American and a successful Screen Writer - similar age to Talbot

Marguirite - an Asian or Muslim Student, University age, also a Protester/Activist

Jack - is Talbot's Boss, American University Administrator, bit of a Ladies Man - older than Talbot

Amy - is Jack's wife, American Socialite, likes a drink and unhappy in her marriage - could be quite a lot younger than Jack

Stan - University Lawyer, Head of Security, American, maybe a bit military - any age over 25

Jill - is Stan's wife, American - similar age to Stan

Max - Australian Lecturer, mate of Talbot, more casual bloke - 30 to 40

Man - CIA tough guy - probably older than Talbot

Security Guard - Male American - any age over 25

Therapist - Female American, creditable age to gain respect - can be any age

We are also seeking a Producer and a Stage Manager so get in touch with Kevin now if you would like to be a part of the team.

If you wish to see scripts or to discuss any aspect of this production then please contact the Director Kevin West
Mob:  0417795944     email:
OR just turn up to auditions on the night! Good Luck!! Thanks, Kevin.

Performing 10th to 18th September
Please contact Kevin if you are interested in an audition script or have any questions...
MOB: 0417 795 944   EMAIL:





Saturday 19th June 7.30pm at The Rondo

It's time for some fun and social nights 'round the Rondo again with no expectations on volunteers except to have fun and meet other members and catch up with friends in our gorgeous little theatre.

Kevin and Narelle Shorey have gathered a bunch of familiar faces and had their first rehearsal, they have written and scripted just over an hour's entertainment with four guys and four girls. If you are interested in putting together entertainment for future nights please do chat to Kevin Shorey...

Also on the night a remembrance and honouring of one of our dear Rondo family members, Rosa Powell. We have a new remembrance garden in her honour. We miss her 'round the Rondo; she was always an active, caring and dedicated volunteer.

It's bring your own refreshments, glasses, nibbles etc and stay around for the lovely social gathering that usually follows, meet some directors and generally let's just enjoy theatre...or win our raffle with prizes kindly donated by Kevin and Narelle! All proceeds to a charity we will announce on the night...

See you there, June 19th, 7.30pm

Set Building working bee this Sunday 9am


Extinction set builder Richard will be creating a rescue centre vet clinic right here on our stage this Sunday...

Come along and help shape our next play from 9am... It could help save a quoll!


With only two sold out shows to go, after a very successful run, it's time to think about BUMP OUT for our 'Brassed Off' gang and bump in for our 'Extinction' crew!
Everyone is invited! This Sunday, 9am at the theatre on Greenslopes Street. If you have a spare hour or two come and join in the fun with cast and crew 'round the Rondo.
See you there

Tikets now on sale for EXTINCTION by Hannie Rayson, Directed by Cath Willacy

A wild, rainy night and an injured tiger quoll bring together a passionate environmentalist and an unlikely Good Samaritan. What will be compromised in the quest to save the quoll? An intriguing Australian play about conservation, love, sex, money and power.  Book at Ticketlink.

Director Kevin West is getting his team together...

Would you like to Stage Manage or Produce a show?

Kevin West is getting his team ready and would love you to be involved! Contact Kevin West now if you are interested. Phone 0417 795 944.


Members Play Reading night number 2...

We had so much fun in January expressing ourselves over a bottle of wine. Come along and join us for our second play reading evening. Meet us in the Rondo Theatre foyer on Wednesday 7th of April at 7:00pm with some drinks and snacks (for yourself) and have some fun reading scripts with us.

How to submit a script.
If you have a cool script you would like to see produced at the Rondo Theatre or one you’ve written yourself, we want to know about it! Forward it to and we can share it at our next play reading evening.

See you there


Extinction by Hannie Rayson, directed by Cath Willacy is a mainstream production opening on 2 July 2021

A wild, rainy night and an injured tiger quoll bring together a passionate environmentalist and an unlikely Good Samaritan. What will be compromised in the quest to save the quoll? An intriguing Australian play about conservation, love, sex, money and power.

Auditions will be held on Sunday 11 April from 2 - 5pm and Monday 12 April from 6.30 - 8.30pm, with callbacks, if required, on Thursday 15 April. Cath is looking to audition in small groups so, once you submit your details, Cath will confirm an audition time and provide a copy of the script. The play is a drama, but with lots of comedic wit, and is therefore a great chance to display your acting talent. 

The characters are:

Dr Piper Ross - late 20s/30s, a zoologist, must have an American accent.

Harry Jewell - 40s, CEO of a mining company, any accent.

Andy Dixon - mid-late 30s, a vet and brother of Heather, any accent but similar to Heather.

Professor Heather Dixon-Brown - 40s/early 50s - Director of the CAPE Institute, any accent but similar to Andy.



Go to the auditions tab above...

The ages are approximate and final casting will be decided on the right 'fit' of those who audition, so please don't let your real age prevent you from auditioning!



Last year Brassed Off had auditioned, the band had been practising and rehearsals in the theatre had started; but it all came to a halt due to Covid 19!
Director Wayne Rees has brought the team back together for 2021 but some cast members can't make it! 
There are 4 roles available (3M, 1F) for audition, to join those who successfullly auuditioned in 2020, to complete the Brassed Off cast for 2021...

at 7.30pm in the Rondo foyer
Greenslopes Street Edge Hill

DANNY:  band conductor, approx 60 years, music knowledge would be beneficial, yorkshire accent required.
PHIL:  Danny's son, approx 35 years, plays trombone (will be taught to act this), yorkshire accent required.
ANDY:  band member, approx 25 years, plays trumpet (will be taught to act this), Glorias love interest, yorkshire accent required.
GLORIA:   flueglhorn player (needs to play live), 20 to 30 years, Andys love interest, British accent required that turns to Yorkshire accent.

Performances are 30th April to 15th May...11 shows in total
Rehearsals will start the beginning of March

Contact Brassed Off Director Wayne Rees for perusal scripts
and to answer any questions you have
Ph:  0407 166 744


Play Reading Evening a success

A big thank you to Amara and Lynn for organising the first play reading social night at The Rondo. The night was a tremendous success with 14 people enjoying two different scripts. The first was a first draft of an original script by Geraldine Paterson, one of our newest members. It was shows very great potential as a comedy and stay tuned for workshops to develop the script further.

The second script was a one act by an Australian playwright that showed great promise as a potential fringe production. Everyone was very encouraging to have more similar nights so please, if you have a script that you would like read contact Amara and Lynn via

Stay tuned for the next play reading night and come along and join in the fun 'round The Rondo...



Did you miss our AGM and want to be involved in 2021?

Did you miss our AGM and want to be involved in 2021?

It’s not too late to sign up for one of our volunteer teams. If you have some time to spare or skills to share or want to learn any aspects of theatre, check out the teams below and get in touch. 

Email to find out more or express your interest in getting involved. See you ‘round The Rondo!

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