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I Ought To Be In Pictures

Sep 16-24, 2022

I Ought To Be In Pictures — Sep 16-24, 2022


THIS SUNDAY, 21st August... New Volunteers Rondo Tour 9.30am

Ever thought about volunteering at The Rondo Theatre but not sure how to start?

This Sunday, 21 August, at 9.30am we will be having a 'New Volunteers Welcome' with a tour of the theatre.

Come along and find out more about how the theatre runs and talk to us about your interests. There is something for everyone...


Have you driven past lately?

There's a change of scenery happening now as you drive along Greenslopes Street through the Cultural Precinct...

Throw a sideways glance and you'll be "caught" by the artwork on the banner of the next play at the Rondo, the fourth in their 2022 Season!

It's Neil Simons family comedy "I Ought To Be In Pictures" , illustrating once again, the versatility and calibre of the actors, directors, set builders and lighting and sound designers.

If you want a laugh in September, get a ticket now and revel in the antics of this Hollywood family. From the 16th of September until the 24th of September, book now by phoning 0415822333 or buy online above whilst you're here! 


Thanks Tony

Tony and actor Morgan Elliston

Say hello to another new face from behind the scenes, rehearsing at the Rondo for Narelle Shorey's latest production for the Cairns Little Theatre. This is Tony Radford, who was the first to respond to the shout out for a prompt for the Neil Simon comedy, I ought to be in Pictures, set to open on September the 16th. Thank you Tony, and welcome to the Rondo family, united by our love for quality community theatre. Come and see the results of all our work, by booking tickets at or phoning 0415 822 333.

We had a great time at VEXPO this weekend...

Thank you to everyone who popped in to chat to us at the volunteers expo, VEXPO, at Tanks this Sunday.

It was great to meet you all and we look forward to seeing you 'round The Rondo for some theatre fun soon...

And to all our fabulous volunteers who where there on the day. We just can't do it without you all...

"The Wrong Mountain" 2018 - 2022.

 A final word from the director of  "The Wrong Mountain" 2018 - 2022.

And there it was on July 9th, 2022. The Wrong Mountain, done and dusted. About four years ago I drafted one of the early lines - "It's going to be a wild ride". At the time, I never dreamed just how wild a ride it would be, and didn't really think that it would ever be staged. A project. A dream. But when you allow yourself to gratefully accept feedback and support from those who know better, then dreams can turn into reality. From local thespians who read my first drafts; acclaimed writers and dramatists; assistance with set, lighting and sound design; practical assistance with set building, painting, coaching and producing; a cast that gave everything and more and moral and physical support from friends. It really does take a village to put on a production, and I thank each and every person involved in the first-ever production of my first-ever play. It was a privilege to work with you all.

We were very fortunate that COVID did not trouble us during our rehearsals, but a broken foot, 'flu and a change of cast member at the eleventh hour meant that the whole cast and crew played musical chairs right up until the end. When the music stopped, they took on a new job, everyone rallied around, and they all performed excellently. I am very privileged to have been a part of this team, and to have had so many people turn up to watch. It's so good to see audiences returning to The Rondo -- masked or not - and to hear our gorgeous theatre ringing with laughter and applause is a heady drug. I am inclined to write another...!"







Two new Faces to the Rondo Theatre.

As a community driven theatre group, this is what we're all about with the productions we stage throughout the year in our intimate Greenslopes Street theatre. Meet Diane and Heather, both just beginning their involvement with the Rondo Theatre through their engagement in the September play, I ought to be in Pictures, directed by the stalwart Narelle Shorey. 

Diane, a friend of the Shorey's from yesteryear and a backstage worker from many years ago, has continued to hone her craft and skills in the world of theatre in Tasmania where she's lived for a number of years. She's welcomed back as a 'new' face this year, with the role of Stage Manager for the September production in her capable hands. Playwright, the late Neil Simon, can rest assured that no stone will be left unturned behind the scenes in regards to props, decor and scene changes under Diane's capable management. This is sure to be a high quality production of what is one of Neil Simon's most relatable, humourous and heartwarming stories; a play about unresolved family life in the La La land of Hollywood in the seventies. 

Heather is the real thing. As American as apple pie, she's a genuine 'new'  face to the Rondo stage, and how wonderful it is to welcome her. An experienced performer, she brings freshness and light, both to the rehearsal process and to the prodcution itself, as she captures the joy and truth of Herb's "on and off" girlfriend, a makeup artist in the same ratrace business of movie making in Hollywood. Come and watch as these two wonderful new members add a polish and panache to the next play in the 2022 season at The Rondo in the heart of Cairns Cultural Precinct. September 16-24th. Bookings at or 0415 822 333



Thank you to everyone who auditioned for our Fringe plays coming to the stage this July...
Director Greg Roberts would LOVE to hear from anyone who would like to come and join the team and be Stage Manager, Props Person, Backstage Crew or a Wardrobe Wonder!

It takes so much more than actors to bring all our plays together! And there are people who can support and mentor and teach you if you want to give it a try...
Contact Greg now to join in the fun

Auditions! Registrations now open!

I Ought to be in Pictures  - written by Neil Simon and directed by Narelle Shorey


Synopsis – Herb is a burned-out screenwriter in late 70s Hollywood and Steffy, a make-up artist, is his long-suffering girlfriend. Into their lives explodes Libby, the 19yr old daughter Herb hasn’t seen since abandoning her 16 years ago in New York. Naturally this unannounced arrival makes for interesting developments, all heightened by the famously witty dialogue of playwright Neil Simon whose shows, including Barefoot in the Park The Odd Couple, are  audience favourites world-wide.


 CAST - 1 male, 2 females

  Herb – Mid 40s to Mid 50s

  Libby – Able to play Confident & Spirited 19yr old.

  Steffy – Late 30s to 40s

  American Accents (  Don’t panic. Generic will do)

Another fun play reading evening at The Rondo

Congrats to Amara and Kimberley for organising a great play-reading evening last night!

Great to see so many men turning up too!

Can't wait for the next one!


Our Next Play Reading & Social Evening for 2022 will be held on Wednesday May 18th at 7:00pm.

Have you thought about going on stage but not sure if it's for you?

Or do you just enjoy reading scripts, but not interested in acting?

Or do you write scripts and may - or may not - be interested in acting in or directing them?

Or do you just like to hear short scripts read out by others?

All of the above are why we created our Play Reading Nights!

Please bring a snack and a drink and join us for a fun and relaxed evening on Wednesday 18 May at 7pm. Members and non-members welcome!


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