Commitments We Make. — Dec 2-4, 2021

Commitments We Make. — Dec 2-4, 2021


Matt O'Connor and Nader Sallam have teamed together to bring two one act plays to our stage for an evening titled 'Commitments We Make'... Two touching stories, our secrets, our choices and what we hold dear... Our final fringe to finish off a fabulous year of theatre at The Rondo...

Matt directs "Aftermath" by Kylie Rackham.

Four strangers are the first responders at a car accident. They must not only deal with the immediate situation, but the aftermath of the crisis and the promise one of them made to a dying man. Aftermath explores the notions of promises, responsibility and what we are capable of when we are put to the test.


Nader is directing "The Devil's Due" by Jean H. Klein.

Eric Talmadge is a talented painter who is confronted by the decline of his aesthetic abilities. His attractive wife is doing her best to help. A stranger walks in and offers his services. Is Mr Boudreaux an unorthodox psychiatrist or does he represent a power other than the mind? And what might be the price he is asking for?


A common theme in the two plays is the commitment we make to someone, be it a total stranger or someone we love dearly, and how far we are willing and able to go to keep a promise...?