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I Ought to be in Pictures  - written by Neil Simon and directed by Narelle Shorey


Synopsis – Herb is a burned-out screenwriter in late 70s Hollywood and Steffy, a make-up artist, is his long-suffering girlfriend. Into their lives explodes Libby, the 19yr old daughter Herb hasn’t seen since abandoning her 16 years ago in New York. Naturally this unannounced arrival makes for interesting developments, all heightened by the famously witty dialogue of playwright Neil Simon whose shows, including Barefoot in the Park The Odd Couple, are  audience favourites world-wide.


 CAST - 1 male, 2 females

  Herb – Mid 40s to Mid 50s

  Libby – Able to play Confident & Spirited 19yr old.

  Steffy – Late 30s to 40s

  American Accents (  Don’t panic. Generic will do)

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