Life Without Me — Feb 26 - Mar 6, 2021

Life Without Me — Feb 26 - Mar 6, 2021

Our first production for 2021 – “Life Without Me” by Daniel Keene, directed by Lynn Cropp opens on February 26.

If you don’t know who you are and you don’t know where you’re headed, you might find yourself spiralling in ever-tightening circles until you come to rest in a nondescript part of town; in a crummy two-star hotel, where the service is churlish, the lift doesn’t work, the toast is burnt and the pot plants set off your allergies. But! Keep our expectations low, really low, and who knows? You might be pleasantly surprised by how everything works out.

An absurdist comedy full of whimsy and wit with liberal lashings of life’s painfully poignant moments.

A fabulour local cast with some recently familiar faces, old friends returning to our stage and some new faces joining the fun, it will be a fun night out for sure.

NIGEL                  Wayne Hogan

JOHN                   Matt O'Connor

ROY                     Paul Carey

ALICE                  Alice Bredhauer

MRS SPENCE    Carey Leahy

TOM                    CJ Bowers

ELLEN                Lillie McNamara