Scenes from the Climate Era — Jul 25-27, 2024

Scenes from the Climate Era — Jul 25-27, 2024

Thursday 25th July 7:30pm

Friday 26th July 7:30pm

Saturday 27th July 7:30pm


All tickets $20


Running Time 70mins. No interval.


Contains some swearing and adult themes.


Strobe lighting effects used. 



An experimental and rapid-paced piece, “Scenes from the Climate Era” contains 25 vignettes, presenting a mosaic of snapshots exploring how it feels to live in the ‘climate era’. 


Performers play new characters, places and times in each vignette, ranging from scientists in the past, prospective parents in the present and terrorist activists in the future.  Each scene explores some of the strange and unfamiliar contours of this new world we find ourselves in, and will perhaps discover in the future.