Auditions Four Days in Dallas

Auditions are now open for FOUR DAYS IN DALLAS.

4 male roles, 4 female roles, 3 production team roles. 

Head over to the auditions page to register your interest.

The play ‘Four Days in Dallas’ centres around the two protagonists in the mystery of the 1963 President Kennedy assassination: The man accused of the killing, Lee Harvey Oswald, and the man  who then ended Lee’s life, Jack Ruby. 


Why it still matters today? 


The assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy was the most notorious political murder of the 20th century.  From the moment of the fatal shooting, the popular young president’s death was thought by some to have been the result of a conspiracy rather than the act of an individual. Sixty years later, more than half of Americans still believe this to be the case, mirroring the contemporary widespread mistrust citizens have in public institutions and media.  In 1963, this shocking assassination and its aftermath played out in stark moving pictures via  the newly dominant mass medium of TV. In 2023, the internet is a medium which can inform but also obfuscate the truth, in our search for whatever that may be. 


Auditions:February 12 & 13, 7pm at The Rondo

Performances- April 28- May 6 


Contact Matt O’Connor to receive a script & general enquiries 

If possible, please bring you own printed script to audition 


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