Auditions are open for The Chatroom

A play about a contemporary Aussie household penned by Reg Cribb – ( Last Cab to Darwin )
15 year old Carmen is upstairs again .. alone at her computer
…… hooked up to the ChatRoom.
Who will log in tonight ?? And where will the chat lead ?? We look through a window into the internet world of young girls using Chatroom and the inherent dangers of grooming

Please ring/text to 0417 795 944 if you have any questions, audition form below.

Director Kevin West

PERFORMANCE DATES – 26 Apr to 4 May 2019

Auditions Sun 10-Feb or Mon 11 Feb 7pm

Cast Required
2 Late teenage Girls – Late teenage Boy
2 Men 35 or older – 1 Woman 35 or older

Cast Details
Carmen – late teenage girl able to play a largely innocent 15 year old living at home with her single Mum and brother
Susan – ( Mother – 35 or older ) single Mum
Michael – ( Father – 35 or older ) errant Dad has left home and his job
Tom – ( Brother ) late teenager – hip brother – but misses his Dad
Jenna – late teenage girl able to play a hip / more worldly teen
Carmen’s chatroom confidant
Graham – ( Jenna’s father – 35 or older ) maintains a conservative image

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