Volunteering at the Rondo Theatre         

How do I get involved?

Volunteering at the Rondo Theatre is a very rewarding activity. It provides opportunities for personal growth, learning new skills and developing great friendships with like minded people. There are an incredible number of ways you can take part in running our wonderful theatre and there is something for everyone regardless of how much time you are able to commit.


To join this team, you will need to be willing to obtain an RSA. Bar volunteers serve drinks and packaged snacks to patrons before, during and after the show. This role involves handling cash and Eftpos payments, restocking the fridge, and some very light cleaning duties. This is a great way to meet new people with plenty of down time to chat while the show is in progress. Commit to as many or as few shifts as you like. Email eve@cairnscelebrant.com to express your interest.


Front of house volunteers fulfil a variety of roles including greeting guests, issuing tickets, ushering patrons to their allocated seats, emergency evacuation, serving tea and coffee at interval and light cleaning of the foyer, theatre seating areas and restrooms. All training is on the job. Commit to as many or as few shifts as you like. You can sign up for the Front of House Volunteer Roster here.


This is a great place to start if you want to get involved in working directly on the shows and learning more about the theatre. Backstage crew keep the props organised, assist actors to change their costumes, operate effects (like smoke machines if needed) and change the set between scenes as per the Stage Manager’s directions. No prior experience is needed. This role is great preparation for those interested in Stage Management. Commitment is usually 3 times per week, evenings and/or weekends, for approximately 3-4 weeks for rehearsals as well as every night the show is on. To express your interest in working backstage on a particular show you will need to get in touch with the Director. You can do this by responding to an audition notice which will be advertised on Facebook, monthly newsletters and on the Auditions page of our website.


Members of this team are interested in working on productions in the role of props co-ordinator. This involves sourcing or making props as per the directors’ requests (and sometimes managing props during the run of the show). Tasks requested of you could include turning water into fake wine for consumption on stage (no it's not real wine!).You should be willing to attend the occasional working bee and share responsibility for the upkeep of the props storage area. Contact secretary@therondo.com.au to express your interest in managing props for a show this year.


The wardrobe person is responsible for sourcing costumes as per the director’s (and/or your own) vision. This involves looking through our costume room, shops and op shops for suitable items. Some costume making or altering is sometimes needed but if this isn’t your strength there are others who can help. All approved purchases are reimbursed from the show budget. You should be willing to attend the occasional working bee to help us keep the costume wardrobes organised. Email secretary@therondo.com.au to express your interest.


The lighting and sound volunteers actively participate in productions by designing and operating sound and lighting for one or more plays throughout the year. They are responsible for programming lighting cues using ETC EOS software, programming sound cues using QLab software, hanging and patching special lights when required, and attending to other technical aspects of the show including operation of projectors and microphones if needed. Most shows have one volunteer for sound and another for lighting. Some training can be provided by current volunteers, however a keen interest in technology, and commitment to self-education are essential for this role. Email secretary@therondo.com.au to organise a tour with a member of our technical team.


Cairns Little Theatre Inc. owns all of our own buildings that form the Rondo Theatre which take considerable time and money to maintain. Volunteers on the Maintenance Team oversee general maintenance issues pertaining to the theatre complex including occasional odd jobs around the theatre depending on your skills. Tradesmen willing to volunteer their time are appreciated as it helps us keep the venue running costs down. Email secretary@therondo.com.au if you are able to assist.


Volunteers are elected to the Play Reading Committee at the beginning of each new year. The Play Reading Committee are responsible for selecting the plays for the following year from those submitted by directors. This role requires a considerable time commitment between June and November for reading and discussing submissions. Some prior involvement with the Rondo Theatre is necessary for this role. Contact secretary@therondo.com.au in November-December if you would like to be considered for the next years’ Play Reading Committee.


This team promotes the Rondo Theatre productions and social events utilising monthly newsletters, the Rondo Theatre website, Facebook and Instagram platforms. You will liaise with producers and directors, and attend rehearsals from time to time to source content. The Rondo Theatre is currently working with a professional to further develop the marketing strategy. To contribute your skills in marketing contact secretary@therondo.com.au.


Design the set, in collaboration with the director and construct it with assistance from other volunteers. Reuse materials where possible and purchase required materials within the allocated show budget. Construct the set with consideration for cast, crew and audience safety. Building or handyman skills are definitely a plus. Email secretary@therondo.com.au if you’d like to get involved.

Abhi adjusts the lights.
Mason helps mum (Amara) following the lighting cues.
Team Work!
Dian helps to keep the Green Room clean.
Volunteers band together to update the asset register.
Miralda helps the cast with their makeup.
Ola is proud to have all the props organised.
Geraldine works back stage operating the 'automatic doors.'
Men at work, building a hotel set.
Paul dressing the cast. Looking fabulous Alice.
Barry operates sound from the best seat in the house.